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Questions To Ask A Breeder

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

So you've decided to get a puppy. Hopefully, you've thought long and hard about how a new addition will affect your current way of life, you've researched the right breed for your lifestyle, and you've already looked into finding a local, positive reward-based trainer to help you with at least the early days.

A dog interacting with one of his offspring
Father and son

Now you have to enter the minefield that is finding a puppy from a responsible breeder...

There are neverending websites available for the eager puppy buyer to search through, but, when looking for a responsible breeder, those of The Kennel Club and ChampDogs are a great place to start. Both have services/pages to help you find a puppy or a breeder that is responsible.

Litters from responsible breeders are not always readily available (especially in these times of COVID-19) so be prepared before you start searching to join a waiting list. The next step is to contact breeders both with and without litters.

The following is a list of questions you should be asking a breeder to help you determine whether the puppies they produce are well-bred and also if they will suit your lifestyle.


  1. Have both parents been health tested?

  2. Do you have copies of the health test certificates?

  3. Will the puppies be registered with The Kennel Club? If not, why?

  4. How do you socialise your puppies?

  5. Do you breed a certain type of dog (i.e. show/working)?

  6. Are the puppies on a worming programme?

  7. Will the puppies have their first vaccination before they go to new homes

  8. Will the puppies have any restrictions/endorsements placed on them?


  1. How long have you been breeding?

  2. What is your experience with the breed?

  3. What do you look for in prospective owners?

  4. How can I contact you after collection?

  5. Can I get references from previous buyers?


  1. Can I meet the parents?

  2. Do you provide a puppy pack and what does it contain?

  3. Do you provide support after collection?

  4. When can the pups go to their new home?

  5. Will you provide a contract of sale?

Four puppies feeding from their mum
Last year's Masajack litter

These questions will enable you to get a feel for the breeder and whether they are the right one for you. A good breeder will be there to help you for the rest of the puppy's life so you need to make sure that your relationship with them will be a good one. On the other side of the fence, you must also be prepared to face questioning from the breeder regarding your lifestyle and suitability as an owner of one of their precious puppies. A good breeder will always ask numerous questions to ensure their puppies are going to the very best of homes. These questions will be covered in another post.

Have we missed any pertinent questions out? Let us know in the comments.

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